WP Plugin Review – Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Plugin by Webfactory

Launching of a new e-book, product, or service, is always a big event for WP site owners. However, they can still reach out to the prospective audiences while the website is being developed or upgraded. The kind of exposure a blogger or site owner gets before the launch, can define a success of the project.

So, there is a need to create interest and excitement among the visitors. The best way is to create a coming soon page, and drive some traffic to it. You can start before your e-book gets completed and even get pre-sign ups before the book release.

How to build coming soon page strategically?

The coming soon page has just one difference. It highlights product features that you are going to launch soon. Page builders or Coming Soon plugin can be used to design the WP page. Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode WP plugin is one of the most commonly used plugins that WP bloggers use.

The developers are a highly professional team from WebFactory Ltd., who always make efforts to provide customized WP plugin solutions. Now, based on your needs, select the Agency or Pro package and install it.

Awesome features 

Themes – The CSM plugin includes many pre-designed templates. By using a relevant and attractive template, you can create a coming soon page in a few clicks. The templates are customizable allowing users to change icons, colors, and more, in order to blend perfectly with your blog. It makes the page look like a part of the blog, instead of appearing like an add-on.

Page elements – You can add and mange other useful elements like icons, colors, video, progress bars, countdown, email subscription, Google maps, etc. You get access to the drag & drop feature to make the necessary changes and corrections. You can select intro animations from 47 different types, to highlight crucial information that you want to convey.

Background images – The plugin is integrated with free image services, allowing users to directly access 400K+ images. 27 image filters can be used to enhance the look of the chosen images. YouTube videos can also be added, which can play MUTE in the background. A unique moving backdrop can connect instantly with visitors.

Video section – In the video section, you can define the looks of your video. Videos hosted on Vimeo or YouTube or other sources can be included. Define, if the video needs to Autoplay and should it start in Mute mode. The readers can change the mute mode, if they desire to listen to the audio. Video player layout can also be selected.

Email subscription – Coming Soon Page creation allows for gathering email addresses of potential customers. With this feature, you can create a subscription form that can be displayed on coming soon page. You can then integrate this feature with all popular email subscription services.

Social icons – Good publicity from word of mouth makes a huge difference. Adding social media icons allows easy sharing from your coming soon page. Good & excellent support is offered by the developers! Give the plugin a try!

To know more about how you can use page redirects in WordPress to retain the SEO rankings of existing web pages, while making changes on your website, please click here.

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