The Knowhow of Smart Video Surveillance

Surveillance systems of all forms are extensively being deployed in various places, including, public places, homes, workplaces, malls etc. These are used for continuous real-time monitoring and reviewing collected information to identify any security lapses. CCTV cameras or surveillance cameras are important in planning out advanced and tightened security measures.

Here is a low-down on smart video surveillance and the important role it plays in today’s age.

Quality Data

These days, security cameras are not just about capturing video clips or images but are a lot to do with intelligent recording. There are smart video surveillance cameras that can record movement when it is unexpected and give out indicators of a security incident. This helps the viewer in getting only filtered data instead of watching endless recordings.

Cyber Security

Video surveillance systems represent IT infrastructure and if these are integrated with other cybersecurity systems, these can also stop any form of hack. Some of the smart cameras can do much more than just monitoring of physical places. These can bring about holistic and integrated security and surveillance approach.


With the advent of artificial intelligence, smart video surveillance systems are being seen as the new-age tools for generating analytical data. It can assist in predictive analytics, thereby offering enhanced techniques of smart security management. Some of the security incidents can even be predicted with the help of these analytics and proactive preparation can be made to stop such incidents.

Next-Generation Security

Drone surveillance cameras are bringing about a revolution in the security space. These have functionalities, which can offer versatility and smart functionalities that would not be offered by conventional security techniques. These are mostly unmanned aerial vehicles, which are deployed even for security monitoring in military spaces.

Quest for Detail

As the demand for clarity and detail from surveillance camera increases with every passing day, smart video cameras are now offering newer features. Some of these include the capability to provide a clear image even in low-lighting conditions. Higher resolutions, Ultra HD view etc. are becoming a part of every technologically-advanced surveillance camera.

Surveillance camera companies are constantly upgrading their cameras for security patches, bug fixes, and enabling them with the newest features. Smart video surveillance cameras are designed to follow standard security protocols, which include thorough authentication, password protection, encryption etc. Limiting connectivity of cameras might not be possible considering the growing need for integration, but it is important to secure them in every way possible.

Ofer Tadd

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