The Benefits of a Webcast – An Annual General Meeting

The Benefits of Live AGM videos are a great opportunity for an independent board of directors to discuss company issues and what is working and not working in the company.

Many companies struggle from year to year with boardroom politics and turf battles, while others have a board where all members understand the mission and vision of the company and work hard to support each other.

In a company with strong management, an annual general meeting (AGM) can be an opportunity to update management on what is going on with the business, share new information with employees on different topics, and allow employees to come up with suggestions on how to improve the company.

An important thing to remember when discussing the benefits of a webcast is that the speaker (you) will not be in the office. You have heard the old saying, “If it were worth doing, everybody would do it.”

Well, having a Virtual AGM Singapore webcast eliminates any of the distractions that are present when taking questions via telephone or email. A video will allow your employees to hear you speak directly to them and see the smile on your face as you discuss things in person.

Most webinars use a slide presentation type format. This makes it very easy for people on the outside to follow along, view the progress, and be engaged.

The video will also show your company’s growth over the years, the financial numbers behind the company, and the goals and objectives of the company. It may also include information about the company’s leadership team and staff, as well as their contact information.

This presentation will serve as a recruitment tool for the future of your company. The company needs to develop a culture of transparency so that employees feel like they can approach the company if they have any questions about the company’s policies or practices.

Ofer Tadd