4 Steps to Follow When Setting Up Google Ads

Setting up paid campaigns on Google is easy as the platform takes you through the setup and offers helpful hints as you proceed. Once you have opened the Google Ads site, you need to click on Start Now, then you will need to follow some steps to get your ads running. If you have the ad copy and/or images ready, this will not take more than 10 minutes. All you need to do is setup the additional settings.

  1. Link Google Analytics

If you have Google Analytics setup on your website, great! It helps in tracking traffic, goals, conversions and unique metrics. You may also need to link your Analytics account with Google Ads services Singapore to make your tracking, analyzing and reporting between channels and campaigns easy as everything will be integrated in one place.

  1. Add UTM codes

Urchin Tracking Module or UTM codes are used by Google for tracking the activities related with a specific link. It is a part of URL that is followed by a ?. UTM codes determine which offer or ad is getting converted so that you can track the most effective components of your ad campaign. UTM codes also make it easy to optimize the Google Ads as you know exactly what is at work. The trick is to add UTM codes at the campaign level while setting up Google Ads so you don’t have to work manually for every ad URL. Or else, you can also add them manually with the help of Google’s UTM builder.

  1. Set up conversion tracking

This determines how many customers or leads you have gained from your ad campaigns. It is not compulsory to set this up, but with no conversion tracking, you may have to do the guesswork of your ROI on your ads. Conversion tracking lets you to track sales or other activities on your websites, calls, or app installs from your ads.

  1. Integrate the ads with CRM

It is always a good idea to have all data in one place where you can track, analyze and report on it. When you use CRM to keep track of your contact data and lead flows, you can also integrate your Google Ads with your CRM to let you track which ad campaigns have a good response.

Ofer Tadd

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